Suzanne Tidwell

While the city debates new zoning for troubled Pioneer Square and free Wi-Fi is added, with vacant storefronts everywhere (including the old Elliott Bay Book Co. location), Occidental Square is showing some signs of life. Thanks to the city-sponsored ArtSparks program, several new summer installations are being added to the cobblestoned plaza. The most eye-catching, tourist-friendly work is Suzanne Tidwell's Knitted Trees, whose name speaks for itself. Her bright yarn wraps cover many trees in the park, and they don't go far enough. You'd like to see the totem pole and firemen's memorial covered, too. Knitted Trees provide a welcome blast of color to the bleak square, where winos and combative seagulls typically gather. And don't forget to visit Occidental Park on First Thursdays, when local artists, musicians, and craft makers crowd the park with their wares. You can shop, browse, and otherwise be entertained. BRIAN MILLER

May 5-Dec. 1, 11 a.m.-10 p.m., 2011

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