The Fussy Eye: Artistic Calling

Seattle's smallest gallery.

Seattle's smallest gallery is a temporary installation showcasing the creations of 18 local artists. Not only is it as small as a phone booth, Gallery (206) is a phone booth, the old Plexiglas panels replaced with new work (all of it flat, some of it text, some of it translucent). Pick up the receiver, and you'll hear music by Dave Abramson. (You couldn't call if you wanted to; the coin drop is plugged.) Flip open the dangling phone book—when was the last time you did that?—and you'll find a roster of 206 more Northwest artists, with contact info and examples of their work. The whole project, launched in June, is the brainchild of Todd Jannausch. It's an ingenious way of publicizing all the creative types who don't have work represented in the nearby galleries (well, those that haven't closed). During July's First Thursday art walk, the poor little gallery was perhaps too cleverly disguised; surrounded by vendors, art walkers, and tango dancing, the booth seemed totally ignored. On a quieter return visit, the park's many friendly street alcoholics paid no attention, either. A better location would help—bolted in front of SAM, right next to Hammering Man, perhaps. But this is a rare, worthy attempt to help the sad, neglected park; and Jannausch is joined in his effort by the yarn-wrapped trees of Suzanne Tidwell and cut-paper seagulls by Celeste Cooning hanging overhead. 

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