Pixar's 2009 Up packs a profound emotional punch in its first few minutes, when it presents the most heartfelt—the most sincere—love story in recent memory: the love between a boy and a girl, who become a man and a woman, who become a husband and a wife, who become a widower and a memory that haunts the rest of what follows. Rest assured, it gets funny. And thrilling, too, as the third act takes place almost entirely in the sky, atop a mammoth zeppelin piloted by a hero-turned-villain. But despite its title, Up is decidedly earthbound: The elderly Carl (voiced by Ed Asner) spends almost the entire movie schlepping his house across the South American landscape his wife had always hoped to visit. Joined by a young boy in need of company, too, Carl's literally tethered to a memory, an anchor with a garden hose wrapped around his torso to keep his home from floating away. Outdoor movie screens at dusk. (G) ROBERT WILONSKY

Wednesdays. Starts: July 13. Continues through Aug. 31, 2011

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