City Goats 101

Backyard chickens are so two years ago. The latest rage in urban animal husbandry is goats. And thanks to the efforts of the Goat Justice League of Seattle (yes, a real organization), it’s perfectly legal for city-dwellers to own a herd of Capra aegagrus hircus—as long as they’re pygmies, dwarves, or miniatures. (So if you were thinking of cashmere goats for a sweater-wool scheme, sorry, that idea’s out.) And for prospective owners, Seattle Tilth helpfully provides City Goats 101 classes covering basic city regs. For example, Billy must be neutered, has to lose his horns, and can’t leave your property. (No taking him down to Norm’s for a walk.) You can also learn the benefits of urban goat herding, which are many. There’s the fresh milk and goat cheese, which go beautifully with the beets from your garden. Goats are also zero-emission, eco-friendly lawn mowers. (Their full-size cousins help clear brush for the UW, City Light, and WSDOT.) Then there’s the fact that baby mini-goats are tiny, furry, and crazily cute. Who knows?—they could become as trendy as George Clooney’s potbellied pig. (Advance registration required.) ERIN K. THOMPSON

Sat., Aug. 27, 2-4:30 p.m., 2011

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