Ben Harper

So many Bens, so little time. For the record, Ben Harper was not part of the rock super-trio The Bens—that was Ben Kweller, Folds, and Lee—but he is arguably the most talented Ben of the bunch. Harper has been cranking out his singular blend of rock, soul, and gospel for nearly two decades now, often garnering more fame and acclaim abroad than here in the States. To help keep things straight, Harper is the one who rocks a lap steel guitar (in addition to his stellar work with a standard six-string) and sports a bushy mini-afro. His genre-bending style appeals to everyone from hippies to frat bros to hip moms and even the occasional hipster. With that in mind, when Ben takes the outdoor stage at Marymoor Park on what stands to be a beautiful Northwest summer night, it's likely that an eclectic crowd will be on-hand. KEEGAN HAMILTON

Sat., Aug. 27, 6:30 p.m., 2011

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