Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is living proof that you can make it as a diva even if your voice never rises above a whisper. So it makes sense that for the Seattle swing of her No. Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour, she’d play a venue more intimate than Key Arena or the Tacoma Dome. OK, so the real reason Janet is at McCaw is because it’s been almost a quarter century since Rhythm Nation, and that nation is now a failed state, complete with U.N. Peacekeepers and migrating refugees. Janet also has a greatest hits collection she would like to sell you. And unlike the GagaPerryBeyonce-bot that dominates ladies pop right now, middle-aged Janet can’t recover quite as quickly from a night of deep-knee bends. What she can do is still sing a spine-tingling version of “Anytime, Anyplace” without reminding you of a half-naked, bathrobed Jermaine Dupri lying on a mink duvet, which is talent. Just don’t cheer too loud, or you might not be able to hear her. CALEB HANNAN

Mon., Aug. 29, 8 p.m., 2011

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