Jeff Bridges and the Abiders

In a reverse example of art imitating life, Jeff Bridges has embraced his Academy Award-winning character of Otis Bad Blake and is now a part-time country singer. A career change at 61 might seem like a move out of left field, but, as Bridges poetically told ABC News recently, “Flowers bloom at different times.” Crazy Heart proved that Bridges has an expressive voice and a soulful musical presence (and it’s not his first foray into music—in 2000 he independently released an album called Be Here Now with a little backup from David Crosby and Michael McDonald). Bridges puts as much genuine warmth and vitality into his new self-titled album, which was produced by long-time friend T-Bone Burnett and also features Crazy Heart collaborator Ryan Bingham, as he does into his legendary film roles. Tonight, he’ll perform those new songs alongside “The Weary Kind” and other Crazy Heart favorites. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Sun., Aug. 28, 7 p.m., 2011

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