Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers produced some great songs in his prime, but he is no longer a singer. He's an entertainer. To take in a Kenny Rogers show is to submit oneself to The Kenny Rogers Experience. In terms of expectations, think of the stage not as a stage, but as Kenny's front porch. You, as part of the audience, are therefore sitting in a massive front yard on his country estate, watching Grandpa Kenny (with no wrinkles!) sip lemonade, chew tobacky, and crack wise. Occasionally, he'll sing, often packing his hits into medleys so he can get back to chatting as soon as possible. It's a conversation with Kenny Rogers, except only Kenny gets to talk. If the man weren't a national monument, it'd be an exercise in extreme narcissism. But the man is a national monument. MIKE SEELY

Fri., Aug. 26, 7 p.m., 2011

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