Upon initial listen to Mouthbreathers' debut 7-inch (on legendary trash punk label In The Red), it's easy to imagine the band broadcasting live from a ramshackle ballroom somewhere in late 60's Detroit. Iggy and the Asheton brothers would likely be comparing battle scars with Rob Tyner and Wayne Kramer, watching from the side of the stage while Mouthbreathers ripped into its brand of now-vintage garage punk. Hailing instead from the placid streets of circa: now Lawrence, Kansas, Mouthbreathers have obviously spent some time studying their garage rock history. Paying loving tribute while still remaining contemporary, Mouthbreathers manage to channel their scuzzy, fuzzed out majesty into a well balanced combination of head-boppingly catchy tunes and hyperactive frantic moments that find the band nearly careening off the tracks into chasms of noise. With Tit Pig. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Thu., Aug. 25, 9 p.m., 2011

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