Sleepy Eyes of Death

Sleepy Eyes of Death came together around their shared love for analogue synthesizers and cult classic films (their name comes from a Samurai epic, band members have clocked time working at hallowed VHS mecca Scarecrow Video)—the result was a THX-loud instrumental rock outfit with John Carpenter synths and a Suspiria-vintage light show of fog and primary colored gels. Since 2004, at live shows and across one album, two EPs, and a remixes collection, the band—Andrew Toms on synths/guitar, Joel Harmon and Keith Negley on synths/drums, and Cassidy Gonzales on guitar—has provided Seattle with some of the city’s finest motorik pulses, electronic rock epics, and future-world cinematic overtures. But the credits roll and the lights come on for even the best of them, and Sleepy Eyes have decided to hang it up, celebrating their extended run with one last blowout. Punk groove disrupters Flexions and witchhouse moaners Crypts open. ERIC GRANDY

Fri., Aug. 26, 8 p.m., 2011

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