Ear Supply: A Snowball in Hell

I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Which of the following is actually going to happen? a) Michele Bachmann weds Jane Lynch at this year's Burning Man, in a public ceremony presided over by kd lang, with Harvey Fierstein and the Rev. Pat Robertson as co-maids of honor. b) Khloé Kardashian will star as Nora in a new film version of A Doll's House, directed by Michael Bay. c) This year, Bumbershoot will include classical music. Baffled? "But they all seem equally impossible," you say. I swear, though, I only made up two of these scenarios. OK, OK, I'll stop being such a tease! The correct answer is c. Seattle Center's annual every-kind-of-music-but-one festival will break with tradition and showcase Seattle Symphony players in "Symphony Untuxed," a curious but mouthwatering chamber-music program including Vivaldi, Glass, and a new piece for electric bassoon by the SSO's Seth Krimsky. Better still, new music director Ludovic Morlot (a violinist himself) will join in to talk about the music and his plans for the orchestra's upcoming season. With the Benaroya Hall revival of the omnibus "Day of Music" celebration (six hours of free performances on Sun., Sept. 18), the SSO is doing a bang-up job promoting Morlot's arrival. Let's hope Bumbershoot won't wait another 26 years to include the orchestra in its plans. 

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