Band of Horses

In a sea full of musicians attempting to find their path to the spotlight, Band of Horses sparkle and shine so hard that they've pretty much created their own. One of Seattle's finest exports of the past decade, the now South Carolina-based band manages to write massive, oceanic anthems that revel in earnest sincerity and poetic sentimentality without ever coming off too mopey or forced. Although the band's summer plans (opening up for Kings of Leon in megastadiums all over the US) got derailed, Band of Horses quickly regrouped and booked their own tour of smaller venues. Luckily, the Kings' problems afford us Seattleites the golden opportunity to celebrate our local boys done good, as well as to hear singer Ben Bridwell's honey-coated voice bouncing off of the gilded domes of the Paramount instead of being swallowed up by the enormous din of Key Arena. With Brett Netson and the Hungry Ghost. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Tue., Sept. 13, 8 p.m., 2011

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