Don't Talk to the Cops!

Witch Gardens' anti-fi jean-short fun will be finely complimented by the break-happy hippity-hop of Mash Hall relatives Don't Talk To The Cops! Part of b-boy/girl dance and lifestyle squad Them Team, Bruce Illest (aka djblesOne) and Emecks crafted DTTTC!'s dynamite debut Regular Show in the spirit of '90s headspin anthems and West Coast windmill soundtracks. Production wizard blesOne cuts quick hitting, often sped-up samples with keyboard/early generation drum machine beats and, along with co-vocalist Emecks, crack-up party verses. Amidst the seamless tongue-in-cheek vocals, the duo (who can rap and sing laps around a ton of other groups who are busy taking themselves too seriously) are able to put forth some seriously good music, and a action-packed live show. With Stephanie. TODD HAMM

Thu., Sept. 8, 8 p.m., 2011

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