Blue Scholars

Seattle hip hop standard bearers Blue Scholars released their latest album, this year’s Cinemetropolis, to mixed reviews. One theory, advanced by my old colleague Charles Mudede, is that the MC Geo and the DJ Sabzi , had spread themselves too thin, putting their best work into other projects—Geo (as Prometheus Brown) in his collaboration with LA rapper Bambu, Walk Into a Bar, and Sabzi in his productions for the likes of Das Racist as well as his NYC-based duo Made in Heights. Tonight’s show should provide not only an as-to-be-expected excellent performance from Blue Scholars, but hopefully a chance to test that theory, assuming Geo hops on the mic with Bambu at some point in the opener’s set. Walk Into a Bar has some warm, hazy burners to be sure—but better than Blue Scholars? Let’s see. With The Physics. ERIC GRANDY

Sat., Sept. 17, 7 p.m., 2011

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