Man, tough time to be the properly spelled Weekend from San Francisco and not the truncated faux-shy guy R&B-emo project Weeknd from Toronto. The latter might have the greater share of the spotlight right now, but, beyond the name, nobody’s likely to confuse the Slumberland Records trio with their Canadian counterpart. SF’s Weekend trade in the kind of fuzzed-up, reverberating jangle pop that has recently been back in vogue, and they do it with both more muscle and more finesse than many of their lesser peers. Their best song might still be the cresting and crashing lift-off of their 2010 LP Sports, “Coma Summer” (nothing on their recent stop-gap EP Red comes close, and a couple of its songs downright drag). Live, expect pop tunes delivered with a delightful wash of noise. With Talk Normal. ERIC GRANDY

Mon., Sept. 26, 8 p.m., 2011

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