Carissa's Wierd

For a band so obsessed with leaving and loss and endings, it must be weird enjoying such a successful homecoming and comeback as Seattle slowcore chamber pop ensemble Carissa’s Wierd have been riding for the past year. So, appropriately, their first new single in seven years, “Tucson” (b/w “Meredith & Iris,” released last month by Hardly Art, the Sub Pop sub-label which has lately been championing the CW), begins with Jenn Ghetto and Mat Brooke, in their well-worn harmony and over a bright guitar line and swaying violin, sighing, “You’ve been gone so long/you can never go home again.” Maybe that’s true in the larger existential sense, but for Carissa’s Wierd it’s so far proven blessedly false. For who knows how long, they’re back. Don’t miss them while they’re still around. With Royal Eyes, Mattheu Canvas. ERIC GRANDY

Sat., Sept. 24, 8 p.m., 2011

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