'80s Video Dance Attack

If the fashion and pop music of today indicate anything, it is that the '80s are back in full force. Spawned in Portland, the '80s Video Dance Attack embraces the notion by throwing shindigs featuring the decade’s most awesome anthems. Attendees—who are encouraged to dress in period attire—can sing and dance along to Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, and Madonna while VJ LeeAnimal streams those music videos on ten-foot projector screens. “These parties get as loud as a rock concert, but they are definitely not about being the cool kid,” says 80sVDA company manager Travis Labbe. “They are about throwing down to the music from your high school and college days.” In other words, you finally get to put to use the Salt-N-Pepa lyrics you memorized and that neon mesh shirt you never thought would come in handy again. (All ages.) ERIKA HOBART

Sat., Oct. 8, 9 p.m., 2011

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