Dawn of the Dead

Here’s my time-check for Zack Snyder's 2004 zombie flick. First pointless yet somehow obligatory shower sex scene: five minutes. First ridiculously gruesome zombie assault and apocalyptic transformation of a Wisconsin suburb: 90 seconds later. First pole-through-skull impalement: 15 minutes. First super sexy female (Sarah Polley) shooting an automatic weapon: 20 minutes. Dawn doesn’t waste much time in restating the obvious, meaning Polley and a dozen-odd beautiful people—none with noticeably more emotions than the zombies outside—soon take refuge in the mall for the big siege. Romero’s original political/consumerist themes are absent here, but even if Dawn doesn’t have a brain, it does at least have a sense of humor. The most morbidly funny scene: a rooftop-to-rooftop chess game played via binoculars and dry-erase boards while a zombie mob riots in the streets below, set to an airy lounge version of Disturbed’s “Get Down With the Sickness” (dude!). (R) KATIE MILLBAUER.

Oct. 21-27, 9 p.m., 2011

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