Go ahead and put the synth-pop label on Erasure, yet it doesn’t hint at even a fraction of the swirling, glittery fabulousness that they’ve been producing since 1985. While a slew of one-hit-wonder bands of the ’80s got lost with silly dalliances on the dance floor, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke wrote songs celebrating the epic possibilities of a long night in a club spent going bump-bump-bump. They heard ABBA in the fun, fond way that critics missed, then donned Frida and Agnetha drag for the video to their “Take a Chance on Me” cover. And they knew genuine love when they heard it—think of “Oh L’Amour”—but could tweak the hell out of it, too. Today, in Lady Gaga's oddball romantic pop, you can hear Bell's influence (think of the orgasmic build on “Love to Hate You.”) And put Bell, by the way, in the choice company of Freddie Mercury and Jimmy Somerville as men unafraid to voice what many might consider a feminine emotiveness. The duo is touring in support of Tomorrow’s World. Its lead single, “When I Start to (Break It All Down),” finds Bell declaring, “I believe in sweet surrender.” Thank god for that. (With Frankmusik.) STEVE WIECKING

Thu., Oct. 6, 8 p.m., 2011

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