Sharlese Metcalf Is Cooler Than You

Indie: Tell the people who you are and what you do.

I'm Sharlese Metcalf. I'm the producer of Audioasis, an overnight show host, and assistant event producer for KEXP.

How did you get that job?

I met [KEXP DJ] John Richards at his son's baby shower through a friend and came in to volunteer the next day. Before that, I was a barista and working at my college radio station, KGRG, in Auburn.

Where are you from?

Here! I was born at Swedish and raised in West Seattle's High Point neighborhood, which was a much different area back then.

Your life is flooded with music; what are you listening to now that you're loving?

Oooh, I love Portugal. The Man! I'm excited for the new Shimmering Stars. And the Pica Beats record, I just got it and it's so good. I also DJ a monthly night at the Wildrose called Brush Off, and some underground parties where I recently got to see Space Needles and Pony Time, who are both great.

You're always so put-together. Your style is seemingly effortless in making retro look contemporary.

I'm all about vintage dresses. A friend of mine said, "You make the ugliest dresses look good," which I think is a compliment. I'm into how things fit, and I'll try anything on. I'm a big fan of Cairo on the Hill. Everything there is special.

We also have to talk about the shoes. In a city where footwear seems to be an afterthought, you have more super-cute yet practical shoes than anyone I know.

Yeah, I love them. I have so many . . . maybe 30 boxes? Sometimes I take them out just to admire them. I need a certain heel, not too high, not too low, that just gives a little lift. I need to be able to walk comfortably in them, and I refuse to be in pain for fashion.

What's the biggest style mistake you see Seattle ladies making?

Right now? Not wearing a bra! Put on a bra! Lift 'em up! I see it everywhere, and I just don't understand it. E




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