Rick Perry's Man in Washington

The Texas governor's money man freaks out on Facebook.

Marble-mouthed presidential candidate Rick Perry—he of the Texas-sized lies exposed in this week's cover story (page 9)—holds some decently progressive views on immigration. He doesn't want to build a fence along the border, thinks Arizona's unconstitutional show-us-your-papers immigration law is wrong, and supports an in-state tuition program for illegal immigrants that would help keep them off welfare.

Unlike most Washington state residents, who might find Perry's policies downright reasonable, in the mind of the average GOP primary voter they're worth protesting. Yet when a group of such voters posted an invitation to a rip-roaring anti-Perry rally, they got an interesting note from Perry's PAC man in Washington.

Last week, the group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) posted an invitation on Facebook to a protest outside a $1,000-a-plate Perry fund-raiser in North Carolina. Several hours after the event was made official, ALIPAC's president William Gheen says he received a note that the post had been reported to the social-media giant as abusive content.

"This morning I get up to check my computer, I got these two notices from these two guys, who'd reported the page," Gheen told Seattle Weekly. One of those two guys: Clint Cox, Perry's social-media manager in Washington.

Thinking that Cox was simply a Perry supporter, Gheen e-mailed him to ask why he thought his protest invitation qualified as violent, sexual, obscene, or anything else that might make it worth drawing the ire of Facebook's censors. Cox's response was as angry as it was ungrammatical. "Your [sic] a liar and deserve to be censored . . . people are on to you!"

Though listed as Social Media Director on the site Americans for Rick Perry, it's unclear if Cox is actually paid by the Texas governor's campaign. (Neither he nor Perry's people responded to requests for comment.) What is clear, however, is that Cox doesn't much understand the social media he's supposed to be in charge of.

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