Tyler Ramsey is a self-taught guitar-picker who kicked his classical training when he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, keep up with his homework. “At the time,” he relates, “I didn’t have the focus or the patience to stick with it.” Nevertheless, Ramsey brings melodic and rhythmic sensibilities from the classical realm to his work as singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist for erstwhile Seattle indie-rockers Band of Horses, now based in South Carolina. Ramsey brings out the best in BOH frontman Ben Bridwell. On the band's recent Infinite Arms, for example, Ramsey's acoustic into to “For Annabelle” and his dueling vocals on “Evening Kitchen” make those songs shine brightest on the album. On his latest solo release, The Valley Wind, Ramsey impressively injects intricate guitar licks into the indie-folk idiom. If they occasionally wander off in tangents, so be it. To this listener at least, his fretboard roaming suggests that on the next Band of Horses album, the man should be given a longer leash. CHRIS KORNELIS

Tue., Oct. 25, 8 p.m., 2011

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