All Star Tribute to the Replacements

When Paul Westerberg sang "You be me for a while and I'll be you," I will dare to say that he probably wasn't referring to the participants of this particular annual Replacements tribute night at the Comet Tavern. If that were truly the case, Westerberg would likely be setting up shop at a dingy dive bar in Minneapolis, playing a setlist of songs by The Fastbacks, The Cops, Virgin Islands, Fort Union, Concours D'Elegance and a slew of other Seattle talents. Instead, we don't have to travel far to hear a veritable talent show of Seattle's musicians tackle some of the most melodic, dry witted pop songs written in the last 30 years, all at a venue that would've suited the equally brilliant/drunkenly shoddy heyday-era 'Mats perfectly. With Kinski, Cataldo, Kyle Bradford, Ben Fisher, Gabriel Mintz, John Roderick. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Fri., Oct. 21, 9 p.m., 2011

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