Seahawks vs. Bengals

Cincinnati Chili, also known as chili five-way, isn't chili so much as a hybrid of spaghetti, meat, and kidney beans. There's also cinnamon in it; and particularly decadent renditions have been known to include a pinch of cocoa. Cincinnati's most famous purveyor of Cincinnati Chili is Skyline; sadly, they don't serve it at the Clink, and there are no plans to have it on special this Sunday when the Bengals visit to play the Seahawks. But Cincinnati Chili would make for a hardy, Budweiser-balancing tailgate dish, and it would look—and taste—great in a crockpot. Bring it to the Clink today, and hope the Seahawks bring it, too. Now that cornerback Marcus “Toast” Trufant is out for the season with an injury, at least the defense should benefit by subtraction. And Coach Pete Carroll can still talk faster than a world-class stenographer can type—on crack. MIKE SEELY

Sun., Oct. 30, 1:15 p.m., 2011

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