Portland bands have a reputation for taking pop music and warping it into something music writers might term “experimental” or “difficult.” For Nurses’ sophomore album, Apple’s Acre, this characterization was more or less fair—the record had some accessible moments, but they struggled under the weight of its lo-fi production. But on Dracula, the band’s recently released follow-up, the hooks are pronounced and the melodies catchy (particularly on “Fever Dreams” and “Trying To Reach You”), and most strikingly, the songs bear a new-found electronic influence. It’s easily the best album of the band’s career, and live, the songs settle into some deep grooves under frontman Aaron Chapman’s commanding, but not overpowering, vocals. As a whole, Dracula is accessible without being unsophisticated, and Nurses are a band to watch—turns out that "Keep Portland weird" need not always apply to the music. With Dominant Legs, Jabon. ANDREW GOSPE

Fri., Oct. 28, 10 p.m., 2011

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