Mark and Michael Klebeck

Since local donu-preneurs Mark and Michael Klebeck have authored Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts: Secrets and Recipes for the Home Baker (Chronicle, $16.95), we decided to sample their wares at an SW critics' roundtable. Here are some reviews (with more online). Glazed Ring: "A bagel-sized halo of fluffy fried dough with an opaque coat of glaze—it's simple, straightforward, classic, and so sweet it makes me feel like I just mainlined confectioner's sugar."—Keegan Hamilton Maple Icing Old-Fashioned: "It's like eating a tree, if that tree was made of dough and had a hole in it."—Mike Seely Filled Bismark: "The fun of bismarks, aside from the fact that they're named after a state capital, is that you don't know what's in them if the little leaky belly-button part is obscured by powdered sugar. Ooh, lemon!"—Gavin Borchert Apple Fritter: "So much variety, nuance, and girth, that it's a balanced breakfast of one."—Chris Kornelis Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkles: "It's like the unholy but delicious love child of Rip Torn and Willy Wonka."—Brian Miller Maple Bar: "Like eating a waffle with your hands, which is the best way to eat a waffle."—Caleb Hannan Raspberry Glazed Ring: "More glazed than it is raspberry, a delicious way to eat the same pink treat that has sustained Homer Simpson through his years at the nuclear power plant."—Curtis Cartier Chocolate Old-Fashioned With Maple Icing: "Takes two things that are good on their own and unnecessarily combines them, like texting while driving."—Caleb Hannan And lastly my own review: Raspberry Bulls-Eye: Eating this shot put-sized pastry is like running a track race; and the gooey ruby-jam filling is the gold-medal prize. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Thu., Nov. 10, 7 p.m., 2011

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