Trip Fantastic #1 Release Party

Jason Baxter is one-half of the local electronic duo USF, Hardly Art's newest publicist, and now a published comic book author. Trip Fantastic, a fantasy series Baxter co-wrote with Mac Hamilton, debuted its first issue online in September. The comic is spectacularly illustrated by the New York-based graphic designer Derek Charm, who depicts in bold colors and flashing neon lights the life of the ultra-famous daredevil Trip Fantastic, a sort of futuristic, sexier Evel Knievel who lives in a world that runs on things like anti-depressant soft drinks and exclusive lists of the 600 most famous people in the world. Tonight, Trip Fantastic #1 will be available in physical form for the first time, in a limited run of thirty issues. The event will also feature refreshments, silkscreening of Trip Fantastic t-shirts, and a live DJ set by Self Actualized, which is the solo DJ alias of Beat Connection's Reed Juenger. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Thu., Nov. 10, 6 p.m., 2011

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