Youth of Today

To be mentioned in a Hold Steady song, a band must have a certain amount of relevance to the underground music scene. It's telling, then, that a punk-rock lifer like Craig Finn included a whole verse about Connecticut hardcore punk band Youth of Today on "Barely Breathing," a track from his band's most recent album. Formed at the tail end of the hardcore movement in 1985, Youth of Today espoused a straightedge, vegetarian lifestyle and released three full-length albums and an EP during its brief lifespan. Finn's lyrics offer a good gloss on the band's history, its occasionally violent fans ("There were skins in the pit / Some of them tried to kill me"), and singer Ray Cappo's fascination with Hare Krishna. Now that YoT has reunited for a national tour, the youth of Seattle will get a chance to appreciate this seminal and uncompromising hardcore group for themselves. With DYS, Focused Minds, Sleepwalkers, Not Sorry, Cowardice, Outlook, Wreck, Fought Alone. ANDREW GOSPE

Sun., Nov. 13, 4 p.m., 2011

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