Family Force 5's "Wobble"

Jell-O, art, and crunk.

This week Jacob Olds, aka "Crouton," drummer and vocalist of five-piece Atlanta crunk-rock band Family Force 5, delves into green Jell-O, the art of wobbling, and clacking your kneecaps.

Song "Wobble"

Album III

Release Date Oct. 18, 2011

When it was written January 2011

Where it was written A cabin in the north Georgia mountains.

What was your inspiration for writing the song? The five of us were making beats and coming up with awesome guitar riffs. Then somebody said the word "wobble," and we thought it was hilarious. We had an unused beat sitting around, and we thought the beat itself sounded like it was wobbling. So we came up with a dance that goes along with the song. Heavy D was also a huge inspiration for us. Rest in peace, Heavy D.

Favorite line in the song "Crack a half-smile like you was Mona Lisa." Or "I'm CEO Steve Jobs of the Wobbs." RIP, Steve.

What is the meaning behind the song? It's about this dance move called "The Wobble." First you clack your kneecaps. Then you bobble your head and throw your arms back and forth like you're hugging yourself. That's pretty much it.

Odd fact We made some green Jell-O and ate it during the entire recording session, just so we could get into the spirit of the wobble.

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