M. Women

M. Women—the rock trio of guitarist Andrew McKibben, bassist Schanen Ryan, and drummer Carrie Schaff—recently returned from a three week jag across the country in McKibben's Subaru Forrester; tonight is their first home show since. The band is promoting their first full-length recording, Faithful, which was released in October on Couple Skate Records, the label McKibben operates with friend-band Stephanie's Ian Judd. Faithful, a collection of songs written over three years, is a tough record, a stormy swirl of distorted guitars and chanty, muted vocals. It all ends up melding together warmly, fluidly and naturally—the album "catalogs a long progression of us playing together," the band told me in a recent email. "We make music together as a way to support each other collaboratively in our close friendship." With Yuni in Taxco, Fuzzy Cloaks, Neighbors. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Wed., Nov. 23, 8 p.m., 2011

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