Scott Kelly

The Tractor might not be where you'd expect to find a member of heavy drone gods Neurosis doing a solo gig, but Scott Kelly is one of a few elder sludge metal statesmen—along with Earth's Dylan Carlson—finding new possibilities for heaviness in the realm of acoustic guitar twang. Which is not to say that he's gone alt-country or anything; rather, Kelly's predominantly acoustic solo songs, on albums such as 2008's The Wake, display all the deliberate, slow-riffing, sustained drones, and low, grim vocals that, with some amplification, would code as doom metal of the darkest order. You could call it adult-contemporary indie folk for the hesher set—but dude still kind of sounds like he could devour you without much remorse, so maybe don't. With Jay Munly, Bob Wayne. ERIC GRANDY

Tue., Nov. 29, 8 p.m., 2011

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