Dan Deacon

Baltimore-based electronic artist Dan Deacon is known for his weird, busy music, but he's also had an exceptionally weird, busy year. First, he was picked to score Francis Ford Coppola's film Twixt, starring Val Kilmer, and subsequently got to kick it with the director at his Napa Valley estate. He released the surprisingly mature new single "Surprise Believer," a hypnotic swirl of bells and chimes in the vein of last album Bromst but with the last vestiges of his old gabber rhythms and chipmunk vocals stripped away. He signed a new record deal with indie heavyweight Domino. Finally, he's been on the road as part of the Wham City comedy tour, a showcase of the DIY art collective's "performance art, video, stand-up, and experimental theater" endeavors. Sadly, he hits Seattle without the comedy tour in tow, but he'll probably punctuate his set with some off the cuff goofs. With USF. ERIC GRANDY

Sun., Dec. 4, 8 p.m., 2011

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