Ham for the Holidays

Critics like to make a show of caviling whenever a satirist's targets are "too broad" or "too easy"—but to be honest, we don't laugh any less when they are. So if Peggy Platt and Lisa Koch, co-creators of the long-running comic revue Ham for the Holidays, choose to reach for low-hanging fruit like Renton, lutefisk, and Marcus Bachmann, I won't complain. Eleventh in the Ham series, this year's show, "A Lard Day's Night," also skewers Kirstie Alley, funeral directors, sexually repressed nuns, and Ballard polka bands. Be warned that recurring favorite the Sequim Gay Men's Chorus, due to recruiting problems on the peninsula, has had to admit women, becoming the Sequim Queer Unified Ensemble Entertainment League (SQUEEL). The parody-within-a-parody centerpiece skit stars Platt and Koch's iconic trailer-trash characters the Spudds (Wynotta and Euomi) in the film-noir sendup "Double-Wide Indemnity." And do your best to keep up with the song medleys, which jump lightning-quick from one comically repurposed tune to the next in impressive vocal harmony (with additional troupe members Michael Oaks and pianist D.J. Gommels). GAVIN BORCHERT

Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: Nov. 23. Continues through Dec. 24, 2011

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