Midday Veil

It's been a year since the self-described spiritual and psychedelic Midday Veil released their blissed-out, meditative debut full-length Eyes All Around. This fall the band followed up with a two-song cassette tape called Subterranean Ritual II (the two spacey, synth-heavy jams more than fill the space—"Moon Temple" is almost 24 minutes long, "Naxos" clocks in at 15 minutes), but it's time for another album. Midday Veil is preparing to take a break from the live music circuit to record their second LP with Randall Dunn, a man who's been behind records from other heavy hitters like Black Mountain, Wolves in the Throne Room, Earth, Sun City Girls, and a lot more. It's a divine pairing. (It'll also be the first time Midday Veil's worked with a professional producer). Expect the resulting record to be nothing less than earth-shaking. Tonight is the band's last show before going into recording hibernation. With Os Ovni, Panabrite. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Fri., Dec. 2, 7 p.m., 2011

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