Full Toilet

Don Sheets, the man behind grime-punk group Full Toilet, is a peddler of super-short songs (think The Minutemen minus 30 seconds) that run extra long on angst. The 13 smearingly sludgy tracks comprising his new self-titled Sub Pop EP—tonight is his official CD release—clock in at just under five minutes and are heavy on distortion, maniacal drums, and mumbled lyrics that string together in a fluid, cacophonous stream, making it hard to tell when one stops and the next begins. The sound experience is unnerving, but there's a beautiful simplicity about it and you get the feeling that this is Sheets' burgeoning, irrepressible magnum opus. Through his sputtering rage, Full Toilet offers a glimpse inside a creative and angry young man who is something of a mystery. With Big Wheel Stunt Show, Toyskulls. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Fri., Dec. 23, 10 p.m., 2011

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