My Goodness

It should be no spoiler to say that My Goodness will impress with their bulky blues-punk; they've been grabbing concert-goers' attention for a good minute now. The real story here (aside from the fact that bringing a wrapped toy for Toys For Tots gets you $5 off the cover) is the fact that this bill is as whacked-out strange as the carnival-themed, basketball-court-smoking-area-ed venue itself. Let's see: we'll get our goofy dance-rock in with the Downstrokes; sleaze things up with Lisa Dank; do our bouncy surf-girl (and boy) thing with Sweet Pups; and we'll be pleasantly disgusted by Funhouse-appropriate duo Ronald McFondle and Billy the Fridge. Take that, normalcy! With DJ Nils Forever. TODD HAMM

Mon., Dec. 26, 9 p.m., 2011

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