Sing Sing

During the slow holiday season, one dependable gift is old friends coming home to celebrate together. Tonight, Seattle expat DJ Pretty Titty (née Clayton Vomero) and FourColorZack revive their hip, genre-hopping club night of the early aughts, Sing Sing, for what has

become a traditional Xmas installment. In its heyday, Sing Sing reveled in the then fashionable style of mash-ups—not so much Girl Talk overload (although Zack can quick cut records with the best of them) as the sly rock/hip hop/electro blends of Diplo's old Hollertronix output. It might seem quaint now, but there was a time when such an eclectic program—getting indie kids dancing to hip hop, rap heads to bouncing to new wave, and so forth—seemed revolutionary. Mssrs. Titty and Zack's tastes have kept up with the times, of course, but expect a party as lively and diverse as ever. ERIC GRANDY

Thu., Dec. 22, 9 p.m., 2011

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