Andy Haynes

Andy Haynes lives in New York City now, but he remains the quintessential Seattle comedian. His subject matter, drawn from everyday life, is edgier and more sarcastic than the king of observational humor, Jerry Seinfeld. Haynes' hair and clothing appear to be an afterthought (he looks faintly like early-SNL Seth Meyers), and his anecdotes are delivered as though he's seated next to you at Linda's, not standing onstage in front of hundreds of fans. He's going places—Haynes recently performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon—but he remains emblematic of the scene that nurtured him. Never before has a man cracking wise about Nazis, homosexuality ("It gets sweater"), and the stench of homeless subway commuters seemed so darn cuddly. MIKE SEELY

Wed., Jan. 4, 9 p.m., 2012

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