Joe Swanberg's Full Moon Trilogy

The visiting mumblecore director will introduce his three films, screened in series over three days: Art History, Silver Bullets, and The Zone. Swanberg's apparently sincere grappling with his critics is one of the three themes in his triptych. After a prologue starring Jane Addams and Larry Fessenden as actors who appear to be ex-lovers, Silver Bullets (Tues.) settles into the story of Sam (played by Swanberg), a director of micro-budget art movies, and Claire (Kate Lyn Sheil), his long-suffering domestic partner/muse. She's cast in a werewolf movie of a considerably higher budget and starts spending a lot of time with the film's director (actual horror film director Ti West). Sam's jealousy is both personal and professional. While his girlfriend is off at photo shoots and fittings, Sam, struggling with a crisis of artistic purpose, casts Claire's best friend (Amy Seimetz) in his own new movie. Playing "himself" as he's seen by his haters, Swanberg's Sam is crazy-eyed and terrifying, even when just a specter on the margins of this frankly self-critical horror story about the predatory instinct that goes into filmmaking, and the madness it produces. His most aesthetically accomplished and ambitious feature, it's not only the best movie-movie of Swanberg's career, but also his most genuinely provocative. (NR) KARINA LONGWORTH

Jan. 9-11, 8 p.m., 2012

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