Starfucker: Tell Me About That Album

The alien roots of Reptilians.

Despite some major jet lag thanks to having just returned from a European tour to play a sold-out New Year's Eve show at the Crocodile, Josh Hodges of Portland's electro-pop group Starfucker was eager to field our questions about his band's latest album, Reptilians, even if he hadn't yet had his morning coffee.

SW: Where did the idea and title for Reptilians come from?

Hodges: Sometimes I get sucked into the rabbit hole of watching conspiracy videos all night. One of the theories is that there's an alien race that are called Reptilians that control the human race and like to make them their slaves. It's pretty wild. That's where the name came from. And the album is loosely about the end of the world and death, so it seemed to be fitting. We had some other ideas—­and I always like to have a song that is the title track— and that song was already called "Reptilians", so we just thought it was perfect.

Is the alien reptile theory something you believe?

No, I definitely don't believe it, but it's entertaining to watch.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

I quit smoking for a year, and started again just now when we were in Europe. I've never done New Year's resolutions, but I'd love to quit smoking, so maybe that's what it will be.

Who will you be kissing at midnight?

[Laughs.] I don't know. I don't have any kissing friends right now. Dave Lake

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