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From appropriate concertwear to the Saturday Morning Evils.

Get Outta the Hoodie!

Ladies of Seattle, we are blessed with so many awesome events to attend, it's easy to take them for granted. The best way to show our scene some love is to make every show a special occasion. Just because it's "Seattle acceptable" to show up in a sweatshirt doesn't mean you have to. We want touring acts to leave town telling tales of how spectacular we are. My challenge to you in the new year, whether you are in a band or a spectator, is to step up your show game. Hunt the thrift shops and accessory stores to inexpensively build your own fashion backstory. My winter 2012 look will be an accountant at the firm of Neil, Mars, Sixx, and Lee—think 9 to 5 and Working Girl with heavy-metal accents.

Countless songs have written about high heels, stockings, lipstick, and unforgettable frocks, but only a handful about your Converse and hoodies. You can see where I'm going with this. Come on, girls, let's give 'em something to sing about. And maybe we can convince the guys to follow suit.

Wu Are Wu?

In honor of the Wu-Tang show at the Showbox on Jan. 25, bestow upon yourself a Wu-Moniker. Try adding a "ZA" after the first letter of your name (I would be the IZA) or a three-word descriptor ending in "illah" (our music editor Chris Kornelis would be the Beardface Vanillah), and refer to yourself in the third person until the show—or until everyone you know defriends you, whichever comes first.

Quote Quizzzz

Wu said it? (Answers below.)

1. "With a suit, always wear big British shoes, the ones with large welts. There's nothing worse than dainty little Italian jobs at the end of the leg line."

2. "Live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick, and kill for each other."

3. "Earrings don't make people look beautiful . . . Money makes people look beautiful."

4. "Can't wear skinny jeans 'cuz my knots don't fit."

5. "Just because we wear lipstick, it doesn't mean we can't kick your ass!"

Saturday Morning Evils

Seattle's The Young Evils have gone Gorillaz on us. This adorable cartoon take on the band, currently working on a new release for 2012, makes me want to change their name to the Sweetie Pies.

No news yet if their animated counterparts (as drawn by Portland artist Emily Block) will replace them onstage, which would make über-busy drummer Faustine Hudson's life a whole lot easier.


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ANSWERS: 1) David Bowie  2) Lady Gaga  3) Madonna  4) Jay-Z  5) Nikki Sixx.

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