Tell Me About that Album: A Lot Like Birds

And don't tell us it's a secret.

A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about it? This week Cory Lockwood, vocalist of Sacramento progressive-hardcore six-piece A Lot Like Birds, delves into secret phone conversations, spider-filled rooms, and Heath Ledger.

Song: "The Blowtorch Is Applied to the Sugar"

Album: Conversation Piece

Release Date: Sept. 2011

When it was written: A vague, hazy period of months before the summer of 2011.

Where it was written: Half in a white-walled room in Sacramento. Half in a white-walled, spider-filled room in Portland.

What was your inspiration for writing the song? The wave that broke our writer's block was actually a phone call between Kurt [vocalist] and myself, while I was in Portland recording and he was still in California, preparing to make the trip up north. He had watched a Heath Ledger movie that reminded him of a particular situation that he and I share in common [secret], and we talked for a long time about it and decided it was time to use it for a song.

What is the meaning behind the song? It's the most personal song on the album entirely. Since a lot of the songs stemmed from conversations that Kurt and I had in the process of getting to know each other and bonding on past mistakes and similarities, this one fits into there as the most exposing piece, since it was our most exposing conversation. Without spilling an even more personal confession, I can say that the song deals with the idea of deciding if love is truly attainable more than once or if it can only be replicated in fractions of its initial power.

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