In his latest documentary, Errol Morris tells how American beauty queen/kidnapper Joyce McKinney briefly became an English tabloid sensation in 1977-78. She (allegedly) pursued her virginal Utah fiancé to the UK, abducted him at gunpoint, chained him to the bed in a rural cottage, then used sex to break his Mormon faith and secure his love. Morris is less interested in facts than simulacra: How McKinney was first represented one way in the English press (notorious female rapist), then another (sympathetic cult deprogrammer), and then still another (disgraced former call-girl). Yet McKinney today seems none of these things; she's cheerful, certainly in denial, and still vehement about what she calls "a love story" and "a honeymoon." If she couldn't get her man, she found fleeting fame. Today, Morris renders her a pitiable if not quite ridiculous figure—a woman who sought eternal love in a trashy, ephemeral world. (R) BRIAN MILLER

Tue., Jan. 24, 7 p.m., 2012

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