Team America: World Police

This gleefully gory, vulgar 2004 flick—co-written by South Park cranks Trey Parker and Matt Stone and starring "an all-marionette cast"—has some unexpectedly tender moments. Like the scene where WMD-amassing North Korean dictator Kim Jong II (voiced by Parker) bursts into song, dutifully mispronouncing his Ls and Rs, as he explains how "ronery" (lonely) his life can be. But, no surprise in an election year, Parker and Stone also open up a bipartisan can of whoop-ass. Sure, the jingoistic Team America may destroy half of Paris while pursuing some stereotypical Arab terrorists, but the movie also sends up bleeding-heart Hollywood liberals. It accomplishes what even the brilliantly bombastic Michael Moore—who has a memorable, unauthorized "cameo"—never will: an even-handed portrayal of dunderheadedness on both sides of the political aisle. Call for showtimes. (R) NEAL SCHINDLER

Jan. 27-30, 2012

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