Valentine's Day at Citrus

Set on Lake Union, Citrus is an ambitious and trendy new establishment bathed in pink and blue lights—imagine a more spacious version of an Virgin America jet, plus more booze. The happy hour draws a crowd in their 20s and 30s wanting to indulge in fancy cocktail specials ($5), like the lychee martinis. For Valentine's Day, we recommend the Sourpatch Kid—a raspberry vodka, lime juice, and sour slush concoction served in a sugar-rimmed glass. It tastes exactly like its candy namesake, but with far more potent effects. You're sure to order a second, perhaps even a third. And at that point, you might as well stay beyond happy hour and enjoy the DJ's Top-40-fueled record selection, which provides for a fun, tipsy night of dancing. ERIKA HOBART

Tue., Feb. 14, 2012

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