Valentine's Day at Sip

The interior is exactly what you're looking for when trying to escape February's alternating snow/sleet/freezing wind. For a space that takes up the better part of a condo tower floor, it's surprisingly inviting. Big couches line the walkway in a variety of configurations leading to smaller tables in the back and a warmly lit bar. There aren't many places that can comfortably accommodate new lovers, but Sip's many seating options do just that. Well drinks run for $5, featured wines for $7, and every one of the 12 items on the small plates menu is $3 off. That said, "small" (notice all the sarcastic quote marks) isn't the right description for the plates. They are piled with enough food to make for an entree all on their own. LAURA ONSTOT

Tue., Feb. 14, 2012

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