Monogamy Party

Recent Good To Die Records signees Monogamy Party are a riotous, punk-driven three-piece fronted by a man called "Kennedy" with more photos of his partially clothed body--most nearly naked and drenched in sweat--on the Internet than Channing Tatum. The group's Facebook profile says they're about "3 dudes getting weird, getting heavy," and everything from their lambasting live show to their Chris Proff (Strong Killings, Mercy Ties, Ravenna Woods)-produced debut EP Pus City expresses this very claim. The music is driving and expansive, as on track "Hard Feelings" with its percolating bass line, metal distortion, and lyrical barrage. Sensitive indie rockers beware: you will be sweat on, pushed, shoved, and possibly crowd surfed over. All other hard rock lovers: rejoice. With Dog Shredder, Great Falls, Serial Hawk. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Thu., Jan. 26, 9 p.m., 2012

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