No Rey

An international ensemble culled from more continents than a hand has fingers, No Rey plays deeply lyrical, rangy music which defies easy—or even hard—classification. Its lead singer, the Colombian expat Alejandro Garcia, is a Javier Bardem soundalike who melts panties in three words or less, and was kind enough to play the fictitious role of bloodthirsty, coke-snorting chef Lou Kohl on a Seattle Weekly cover last year. If No Rey existed in Malibu in the '70s, they'd have been the house band at Margot Kidder's pad, covering "Pusherman" every time Jack Nicholson or James Taylor showed up with a few grams, and passing out on shag carpets and chaise lounges at the end of the night (or morning). With Tiny Messengers, Henry at War. MIKE SEELY

Thu., Jan. 26, 9 p.m., 2012

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