The Odd Couple

This favorite, familiar tale of two men—one a laid-back slob and the other a compulsively tidy neurotic—living under the same roof comes alive in a snappy revival. Neil Simon's rapid-fire comedy is directed Jeff Steitzer; and when his cast is funny, they're really funny. After Felix (Chris Ensweiler) is kicked out by his soon-to-be ex, he moves in with his good friend and fellow divorcee Oscar (Charles Leggett). But thanks to a huge personality rift, their steadfast friendship quickly devolves into an angry, bickering marriage. Leggett is a wonderful Oscar, consistently on the mark as a messy but otherwise likeable guy. Though he gets some laughs, Ensweiler has a greater challenge in trying to make us sympathize with his Felix, a deeply irritating, over-the-top personality. (It's hard to see how anyone would willingly befriend this Felix.) The supporting cast is superb throughout. Betsy Schwartz and Caitlin Frances are especially entertaining as the Pigeon sisters, two kooky British gals who go on an ill-fated double date with our heroes. Nearly 50 years after its writing, The Odd Couple still makes us laugh. (Runs Wed.-Sun.; see website for exact schedule. Ends March 25.) BRENT ARONOWITZ

Tuesdays-Sundays; March 2-25. Starts: Jan. 18. Continues through Feb. 26, 2012

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