Cold Cave

Turns out gothic synth pop young gods Cold Cave actually have their own wine. It's a Pinot Noir from Sonoma christened "Burning Sage"—after Cherish the Light Years' iron lung–pumping industrial dirge of the same name—and you can find a picture of the band's Wesley Eisold posing with a hand-labeled bottle of the stuff on his Twitter feed. (Headline: Noir Whine Gets Noir Wine.) It's apparently a pretty exclusive vintage, though, because beyond that Twitter post, no record of the wine seems to exist—which makes it perfect for tonight's sure-to-be-insane edition of goth rave monthly Second Sight, since its advance tickets have been sold out for weeks (additional tickets may be available at the door). Barring wine, though, trv kvlt goths drink goblets of blood—or poison, maybe. With Resident Second Sight DJs. ERIC GRANDY

Fri., Feb. 10, 10 p.m., 2012

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